Wood screw parts
Diane Steverlynck and Maud Vande Veire for OpenStructures

01.07.2018 / 21.10.2018



LIMITS TO GROWTH, begins by presenting several critical works by artists who point out, often humorously, the failings of the
dominant system to which they nevertheless belong. Six lines of reflection then propose alternatives for more sustainable design:
deliberate simplicity, recycling, local production, low-tech, fighting against programmed obsolescence and the arrival of new
economic models. Whilst no approach is perfect or satisfactory, each one has the merit of raising awareness and showing that it is
possible to think about design in another way.

The wood screw parts stem from further reflection on modular systems and their reductive spirit that aims at the highest
employability with a minimum number of parts. Observing these principles of modularity and grid in relation to the designs
and uses they produce, we learned that just like modularity led us to the idea of efficiency, the grid drives us to reflect its
uniform, repetitive and practical nature. This awareness incited us to create parts that have a playful potential, unsystematic
patterns and sensory value. Produced by woodturning, the parts reflect the variability of shapes and typology of daily objects
generated by this technique.